OER teaching resources

We first set up the list of resources below as a rapid response to the Covid-19 crisis which forced most education institutions and teachers to move to teaching online without any chance for preparation. The list is presented as a Google Sheet and is regularly updated.

The resources are a composite of links that lead to specialist curated lists by expert organisations, open education resources and tools and platforms that can help educators and parents get to grips with online education. Where possible, we have also identified if the links are more suitable to compulsory education or higher and further education.

Resources are tagged on the following basis:


General resource with information, knowledge or actionable item


Digital tool that supports teaching, learning, research etc.


Open Education Resources. Material suitable for development of courses


Higher and Further Education, also known as Lifelong Learning


Compulsory Education
PLATDigital Platform that supports learning and collaboration


Virtual Learning Environment or Learning Management System

Should you find any resources that are suitable for this list, please email us on info@3cl.org

Access the Google Sheet directly  here.