Connected learning

The principles of connected learning have been part of the education vernacular for several years and before the advent of the Internet. They are built on the three core values of social equity, full participation and social connection. Connected learning advocates broadened access to learning focusing exclusively on the learner experience rather than on specific platforms or technologies.

What we do

The Foundation’s service portfolio includes:
Knowledge Brokerage (matching stakeholder needs with wants); Applied Research (focusing on Lifelong Learning, Digital & Media Literacies, and Emerging Technologies in Education); Accreditation of Online Learning (with an interest in Verifiable Credentials). Our advocacy work focuses on combating online disinformation; and promoting Inclusion & Equity through Digital Education.

Get involved

We are signatories to the Groningen Declaration Network and have MOUs in place with organisations such as the ILO, RISE, GIZ, On Our Radar, and the DQ Institute.

The 3CL can activate an extensive global network to support international communities of practice and the rapid deployment of projects for the public good. We frequently collaborate with partners working on international EdTech projects which have resonance with our core service areas. If you would like to participate in the Foundation as a stakeholder, partner or expert, please get in touch.

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The 3CL Foundation is a partner in EBSI-CAN under the European Commission NGI Sargasso funding programme, focusing on catalysing European collaboration with the US and Canada on topics such as trust and data sovereignty, digital identity, internet architecture renovation, decentralised technologies ...

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