What is connected learning?

What is Connected Learning? Definitions & Status

A brief definition of Connected Learning, and overview of its current status in digital education focusing on MOOCS as an example.

Blockchain and Connected Learning Conference, Malta

The 3CL conference 'Blockchain, Credentials and Connected Learning', on 17 and 18 May 2018 in Malta, brings together thought leaders, policy makers and educators to discuss four key themes: connected learning through blockchain; learning and earning; decentralising education; and sovereignty and identity.
Digital skills of educators EU JRC Report

Updated EU framework of digital competences for educators

The European Framework for the Digital Competence of Educators (DigCompEdu) guides educators with a model to assist them in assessing and developing their digital competences in teaching.

European Commission publishes Blockchain in Education Report

The EU's Joint Research Centre has just published an early stage study on the potential of blockchain technologies in education in Europe.
oer ongress outcomes

OER Congress Outcomes & Global Action Plan

Four weeks on from the 2nd World Open Education (OER) Congress in Ljubljana, Slovenia, the final declarations and action plan have been published, heralding a new impetus to the aims of the OER movement.
Malta Blockchain

Malta, the First Nation State to deploy Blockchain in Education Pilots

Malta's reputation as an island lab for the testing and deployment of new technologies gained a boost in September with the agreement to launch four Blockchain pilots in education.
oer congress

The State of OER today: Report from the 2nd World OER Congress

The agenda of the 2nd World OER Congress, co-organized by UNESCO and the Slovenian Government, focused on taking OER policies forward to actionable, concrete projects as follow up to the Paris Declaration in 2012.
Malta COL MOU on collaboration in Digital Education

Digital Literacy Remains a Challenge in Higher Education

The various definitions and interpretations of what constitutes 'Digital Literacy' is hampering its interdisciplinary potential in US higher education institutions. We summarise the highlights of the latest New Media Consortium strategic briefing on Digital Literacy.
COL Open Access Journal of Learning for Development

Open Access Journal of Learning for Development

The latest issue of the Commonwealth of Learning's open access 'Journal of Learning for Development' is now available online. Research and case studies in this issue cover aspects of MOOCs, and a look at leaders in distance learning in N. America and Africa.
Malta COL MOU on collaboration in Digital Education

3CL assists University of Malta on Open Access Policy

The University of Malta, the nation's only state university, has recently joined numerous other tertiary education institutions around the world by committing to an Open Access Policy.
Malta COL MOU on collaboration in Digital Education

Launch of Google Digital Workshop Programme in Malta

The Commonwealth Centre for Connected Learning addresses the launch of the Google Digital Garage in Malta. 3CL is keen to monitor it for best practice and its potential elsewhere in the Commonwealth.
Malta COL MOU on collaboration in Digital Education

Stakeholder consultation on DigCompEdu for educators

European Commission’s DG Education and Culture, the Joint Research Centre (JRC) of the European Commission is proposing a DigCompEdu framework.
Malta COL MOU on collaboration in Digital Education

Widespread Open Access Publishing still a mirage

Although Open Access (OA) content in academic journals is increasing by 15% per year, only 5% of the content in this global market is available for free.
Malta COL MOU on collaboration in Digital Education

MOOCs, lifelong learning and a need for collaboration – Balaji Venkataraman

Technology companies are becoming stakeholders in lifelong learning through innovations in online learning.
Malta COL MOU on collaboration in Digital Education

Review of the EU’s Competences Framework for Lifelong Learning

The European Commission has issued a reminder on its consultation the Review of the European Framework of Key Competences for Lifelong Learning.
Malta COL MOU on collaboration in Digital Education

The State of Digital Education

Videos, slides and conclusions from the State of Digital Education Conference held in Malta, 19-20 January, 2017 during Malta's Presidency of the European Council.
Malta COL MOU on collaboration in Digital Education

Pilot Study on Accrediting Digital Education MOOCs

CCCL is partnering a pioneering pilot study in Malta on implementing, validating and accrediting MOOCS in the travel, tourism and hospitality industry.
Malta COL MOU on collaboration in Digital Education

COL-Malta Collaboration in Digital Education

The Malta Ministry for Education and Employment (MEDE) and the Commonwealth of Learning (COL) have signed a memorandum of understanding establishing the basis for long-term collaboration between the two entities in digital education.
Malta COL MOU on collaboration in Digital Education

3CL, from Idea to Initiative

The CCCL initiative dates back to an exploratory meeting held in September 2015 when COL received delegates of Malta's Ministry of Education & Employment.