One of the primary roles of the 3CL is the organisation of international conferences and summits on strategic areas. Here is a summary of the events we have held in recent years.

Experts Workshop “Digital Enhanced Learning” (2020)

This workshop, the first of three expert group gatherings, was organised by 3CL as part of the EU Horizon 2020 Digital Learning Project (DEL4ALL), in collaboration with Martel Innovate, Fraunhofer and The Open University. You can learn more about the DEL4ALL project here.

Understanding the Post-truth Society Conference (2019)

The 3CL held an international conference ‘Post-truth Society: from Fake News, Datafication and Mass Surveillance to the Death of Trust’ in Valletta, Malta in October 2019.

The interdisciplinary conference started from the basic premise that truth does matter; and that norms associated with a democratic society, such as the common good, responsibility, ethics and civic engagement are under attack with the emergence of the Post-truth Society.

Its objective was to explore four inter-connected sectors – Technology, Media, Education and Government – and assess their roles both as solutions or contributors to the Post-truth society.

One of key outputs of the conference was a media reader published by Emerald Publishing (July 2021). The publication is available on Amazon: Media, Technology and Education in a Post-truth Society: From Fake News, Datafication and Mass Surveillance to the Death of Trust (Digital Activism and Society: Politics, Economy and Culture).

Explore the conference via these links:

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Speaker and plenary videos
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Blockchain, Open Education & Digital Citizenship (2019)

Organised in collaboration with the Universite’ de Lille, the Blockchain, Open Education & Digital Citizenship conference took place in Lille, France in May 2019. You can see our blog posts about the event:

Blockchain and education: Lille conference examines the next steps
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Blockchain Credentials & Connected Learning (2018)

In May 2018, the 3CL brought together thought leaders, academics, practitioners, policy makers and entrepreneurs to discuss the four, interconnected themes: Connected Learning through Blockchain, Self-Sovereignty and Identity, Decentralising Education and Learning & Earning. The programme details are found here and video footage can be seen can be seen here. See also our blog post about the event.

The State of Digital Education (2017)

Material from The State of Digital Education conference include: The Post-Conference Magazine and videos of presentations from global policy-makers, thought-leaders, education practitioners and activists.