Available for download (PDF):

Connected Learning in the Higher Education of Refugees: A Critical Report
Author: Dr. Shaun Grech, Director of The Critical Institute & Executive Director of Global Disability Watch

Fakes, Hacks, Hoaxes & Tall Tales – The state of U.S. Media in the Post-truth Era
Author: Prof. Michael Bugeja, Greenlee School of Journalism and Communication at Iowa State University

Fostering Critical Thinking Skills Through the Teaching of Ethics in Maltese Schools
Author: Lucianne Zammit, Visiting Lecturer – Faculty of Education, University of Malta


Extensive resources relating to the implications and challenges of living in the post-truth era have been compiled to accompany the conference: ‘Understanding the Post-truth Society: from Fake News, Datafication & Mass Surveillance to the Death of Trust’ that took place in Valletta, Malta, on the 10th & 11th of October 2019.



‘Understanding the Post Truth Society’ conference featured

in Times of Malta:
Dr. Alex Grech, Executive Director of the Commonwealth Centre for Connected Learning, talks to Times of Malta in an article entitled ‘We are edging to a world where reality is a matter of personal opinion’.

‘Fake news’ takes centre stage in Malta’ – an international conference where keynote speakers will discuss the implications and solutions of the post-truth era.

on Make Media Great Again’s Podcast:
Ruben Brave, co-founder of Make Media Great Again, talks about ‘Media, Fake News & Journalism’ at the Post-truth conference – now featured on a Spotify podcast.


Dr. Alex Grech, Executive Director of 3CL, introduces the rationale for the conference: ‘Understanding the Post-truth Society: From Fake News, Datafication & Mass Surveillance to the Death of Trust

Dr. Alex Grech and Prof. Michael Bugeja share a common interest in exploring the post-truth era and discerning the ways in which it affects us all.

Author, educator and media entrepreneur Michael J. Casey talks about the moment that changed his outlook towards the influence of social media in the global political and social landscape.

Michael J. Casey answers Georgetown University’s Senior Scholar, Bryan Alexander‘s question: ‘Is the current wave of independent web initiatives a viable alternative to the present state of internet?’

Famed photojournalist and Senior Lecturer at University of Westminster, Dr. Massimiliano Fusari gives his take on the importance of truth.

Expert in Children’s Digital Lifestyles & Literacy, Dr. Joanne Orlando talks about the implications of fake news for children.