Björn Flintberg

Björn Flintberg



Björn Flintberg is a senior strategist at the Research Institutes of Sweden, a corporate entity owned by the Swedish Ministry of innovation and entrepreneurship.

He specializes in the transformation of learning and competence structures on the national level and works with micro-credentials, digital system transformation, and is also responsible for RISE’s efforts in supporting and developing the infrastructure and ecosystem around the successful Swedish gaming industry and its potential for technology and knowledge transfer to traditional industry through the GameNode arena at RISE.

He leads the Swedish pilot project on micro-credentials alongside the Agency for Public Employment and the Agency for Higher Vocational Education. Björn has a MSc of informatics from Linneaus University and is an author in the field of entrepreneurship and innovation.

Conference Contribution

Combatting Disinformation – Build, Educate or Regulate?

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