Caitlin Webb

Caitlin Webb



Caitlin Webb is the Editorial and Programme Lead at The Student View. She is also a journalist with experience in newspapers and radio and worked in local news organisations for more than five years.

Her last position in journalism was as the UK’s first Local Democracy Reporter. Caitlin worked with BBC Radio Kent and made an appearance on the BBC Radio 4 Media Show.

Caitlin has also worked in Europe as a communications specialist in Brussels and Luxembourg and speaks three languages, including French and Spanish.

Conference Contribution

Empowering Future Content Creators

Watch Caitlin’s talk here and download her presentation here.

At The Student View, we believe that in order for young people to be healthy, responsible citizens in a democratic society, they need to have access to, and have the skills to determine truthful, reliable and trustworthy information online. Young people need to know who to trust online, who to follow, what their rights are. In an unprecedented time of pandemic, environmental crisis, housing crisis, food poverty and so many issues that directly affect disadvantaged children and young people, it is vital that their voices are heard by mainstream media and policymakers.