Joshua Ellul

Joshua Ellul


Prof. Joshua Ellul is the Director of the Centre for Distributed Ledger Technologies (DLT) and an Associate Professor of Computer Science at the University of Malta.

The Centre for DLT developed and runs a world-first multidisciplinary Masters in Blockchain and DLT which takes in students having backgrounds in computer science, law, finance, economics and other business related fields.

Blockchain as the Truth Machine

Who are you? Do I need to know to interact with you? Can I trust you? Should I trust what my peers say about you? Can I trust my peers more than existing centralised structures? Over the past decades, many have been advocating for greater privacy and more decentralisation; self-sovereignty whilst at the same time guarantees of fair use of common goods — and sometimes such goals are pull in different directions. Blockchain has provided the first means of recording history, events and data in a tamper-proof and decentralised manner — a machine that will always provide a truthful representation of the past (data). In this talk blockchain will be investigated as a truth machine that can provide a solution to such goals.