Olle Nyman

Olle Nyman


Olle Nyman is a project lead at Research Institutes of Sweden working on lifelong learning in the department for Prototyping Societies. Olle is passionate about change management, user experience and communication. His main areas of work and interest are lifelong learning, skills supply, decentralisation, participatory culture and the individual’s right to their own data.

Currently Olle is mainly involved in strategy discussions regarding digital infrastructure for lifelong learning as well as running a pilot for micro credentials in Sweden.

Conference Contribution

The state perspective: Combating disinformation on behalf of the citizen

Download Olle’s presentation here.

The newly started Government organization for psychological defense in Sweden are rebooting the effort to help the citizens battle foreign malign information influence, something that is more relevant than ever. The effort is initially aimed at civil servants, people within municipalities and school teachers, but is at the same time available for anyone interested. What is the states role in making sure their citizens are not malignantly influenced, and what can the push back be. And can the state be trusted to reach those that need it?