Patricia (Trish) Shaw

Patricia Shaw



Patricia Shaw LLB(Hons), LLM, FRSA, CEO of Beyond Reach Consulting Limited is based in the UK, but advises internationally on AI and data ethics, policy, governance, and Corporate Digital Responsibility. Patricia has 20 years’ experience as a lawyer in data, technology and regulatory/government affairs and is a qualified Solicitor in England and the Republic of Ireland.

She has authored and edited works on law and regulation, policy, ethics, and AI. She is also an expert advisor to the UK’s Digital Catapult Machine Intelligence Garage, on the IEEE’s CertifAId (previously known as ECPAIS) ethical certification panel, on IEEE’s P7003/P2247.4/P7010.1 standards programmes, a Director of Women Leading in AI, a ForHumanity Fellow working on Independent Audit of AI Systems and AI Audit in respect of the Age Appropriate Design Code, and was until 2021 on the Royal Society for Arts and Manufacturing’s ‘power over information’ online harms advisory panel which led to the introduction of Online Safety Bill in the UK.

Conference Contribution

Participatory Governance for a Trustworthy Information Age

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Advanced and intelligent algorithmic and data driven systems (AIS) can produce, recommend, disseminate, and delete content in all its guises: written word, spoken word, images, and videos. Stakeholder engagement needs to be taken to a whole new level to ensure all those who are impacted and/or influenced by such AIS can oversee it, govern it, and hold it to account.

This not only requires regulation and standards, but civic participation. Content and what behaviours ensue from that content is only a part of the problem. Regulating the content alone will not solve the problem, it will however risk causing uncertainty and limiting our freedoms.

The job of identifying potentially untrustworthy content (and holding those responsible for creating it to account) is simply too big for any one organisation, platform, channel, media outlet, content moderator, and/or content moderation technology. Authorship needs to be authentic. Trust needs to be earned and constantly re-asserted by content operators. AIS used by content operators needs diverse, equitable and inclusive oversight and governance. For this to happen will require a legal and socio-technical ecosystem of trust for the information age. Are you ready to participate in it?