Patrick Camilleri

Patrick Camilleri


Dr Patrick Camilleri is a Senior lecturer at the Faculty of Education at the University of Malta.

As an Initial and Further Teacher Educator, he specializes in Digital pedagogies with special focus on AI, Robotics and Education, Digital Leadership, eSports and the socio-cognitive processes that define development and emergence of new behaviours at the human/computer interface.

As a teacher educator he works a lot with young people and considers them an inspiration for his work. He is currently involved in various local and foreign initiatives that deal with harnessing the flexible traits of digital technologies to enable digital transformation.

Conference Contribution

Gen-Z Gen-Me

Watch Patrick’s talk here and download his presentation here.

No generation has yet lived from cradle to grave in the digital era. We are also experiencing an unprecedented age-related cultural difference that defines three coexistent generations designated as X, Y and Z respectively. As senior populations that occupy key decision-making positions progressively make way to an emerging new generation designated as Gen Z, I also wonder how best to understand and subsequently prepare this nascent generation for an unprecedented future that has yet to be defined. Thus, while different eras of technology have, to different extents, formed education in its own image, I believe that a mutually productive convergence between the main technological influences on a culture and, understanding the emerging culture itself, should define instruction, contemporary educational theories and practices.