Job Duijnkerke Dayenne van Peperstraten

Job Duijnkerke & Dayenne van Peperstraten



Job and Dayenne decided to do their Erasmus in Malta three years ago. After getting their Bachelor degrees, they drove across Europe for two years, working in Italy, Portugal and Spain. They moved every six months, discovering new places, working online wherever they wanted or taking local jobs. They provide content creation in the form of shooting videos and photography, working with brands for various types of promotional and content work. 

Conference Contribution

Point and Shoot: Building our dreamlife after university

  • The ups-and-downs of the endless possibilities and freedom that the duo of speakers have. Specifically, thanks to the online world.
  • How their real and online worlds work together, and the problems that this can bring.
  • How the money is made. The real-life workings of making money while travelling – involving a practical, financial layout, and showing work the two have done.
  • How they find work / who they collab with and why. Their do’s and don’ts, and the ethical reasoning.